Venue - Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

Venue for PODMS 2021

Why you should visit Bali?

There's no other place in this world like Bali. The Island of the Gods offers great beaches, endless waves for surfing, and beautiful natural places for visiting and exploring, vibrant rituals, and talented artists. There is an incredibly wide variety of hotels, resorts and villas, restaurants and bars, spas and not to be forgotten: world-class sports and shopping in Bali-all within walking distance and at very reasonable prices. Bali is known for a very high value-for-money ratio that allows travelers to appreciate and afford this island's wonder, regardless of their budget.

But there's more to Bali than that! There's a special feeling, an essence, something genuine that's hard to describe, that has been touching and inspiring tourists from around the world for decades. The Balinese themselves and their warm and welcoming nature have something to do with it. To believe it, you must experience it.

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The event kicks off on Monday! Plan to arrive on Saturday, so that you have plenty of time to get settled in and can enjoy the vast culture of bali, and enjoy the beaches....